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22 September
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Hello, I live in Colorado and have for practically my whole life. I'm a little new to this website and to blogging in general, really. I have a lot more interests than this and I'm interested in all kinds of things. I'm fairly easy to talk to, but not a very open person at first. I love being able to write and express myself through art, though I don't really get enough time to do either anymore. I go to college and that takes up most of my time that and work. It's driving me crazy. So, in order to keep my sanity I'm going to try and make time to do all the things I love. Like, watching movies, writing, painting, and reading. I like to listen to music and there are a lot of songs I like, but I'm terrible at remembering artists names and song names and such. So, I probably not too versed in that area. I like a lot of different music, but I like what I like.